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December 04, 2020

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Business Development:
Real estate is a wonderful investment
it gives you profits currently and profits in the future

Real Estate Investment (US market): We provide high return of investment real estate products in the United State. Dr. Hsiao, President of RYR2, an authorized Consultant for Economic Development, City of Pittsburg, to assist City in business development with the purpose of attracting and expanding international business opportunities. RYR2 specializes in governmental secured and high-yield tax lien properties; foreclosure property; income properties, investment real estate, VA repo, etc. We have a team of trained advisors to plan your investments with maximum focus on your goals and tax situation.


The City of Pittsburg is positioned for major growth in the 21st. Century and you can be part of the success. We are inviting light industrial (import/export, hi-tech/low-tech) and distribution manufacturing to move in and grow. Read More...

Looking for warehouses/Distribution Center? Hugh Warehoue is available.

** and more excellent investment opportunities are coming,
come back and check our latest news.


Real Estate Investment (China market): RYR2 works closely with China government and partners with China local real estate development and architectural design firms to specialize in China market- Shanghai and Beijing, People Republic of China. We have a team of China experts to assist you in business relocation, residential and commercial property acquiring, property managing, interior decorating and financing your real estate.



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