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Bridging the success between Western and Eastern technologies and


Pacific Rim Crossings is a business development firm that establishes bilateral commerce between companies in Greater China and the United States. Globally, China just overtook the United States to become No. 1 country as a recipient of foreign direct investment. PRC is engaged in the growth of multiple technology industries at a hands-on level. We provide premium consulting for select clients, access to global markets, strategic networking among technology leaders, and powerful knowledge about the commercialization process for both Chinese and U.S. markets. We apply knowledge in practical ways on behalf of cutting edge companies, investors, governments, and professionals.

Because China was for many years relatively lax in the enforcement of its Intellectual Property regime, patent infringement was by no means an unknown phenomenon. The downside of this legacy is that certain key elements - notably skills in technology innovation and drug development were not sufficiently developed. With China's post-1986 accession to the Basle Convention, piracy and drug copying was no longer a viable option. Licensing is, however, and major companies including many Fortune 500 companies are capitalizing on the opportunity.

Specializing in a variety of international services and trading, PRC consulting has established effective working relationships with various governmental agencies, public institutes, and private industries in both Mainland China and Taiwan at both national and provincial levels. PRC drives the technology markets through four core services: BioTech, Business Development, Executive Education, and real estate development. This provides international investors and small to mid-size companies an opportunity to share what has only been available to major companies in the past; to enter the rapidly growing Chinese economy. In addition, we assist emerging Chinese enterprise in applying western business practices; therefore enabling them to compete in US and international markets.

Our expertise expands into a wide array of industries and sectors: Biomedical device/ technologies, Education and Business Training, Information Technology, Import/ Export (International Trade), Real Estate and Land Development. Based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Pacific Rim Crossings also has offices in Southern California, and Shanghai, China.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to provide services in a manner that fosters a partnership with clients based on mutual respect and common interest. Because of our willingness to pursue new challenges, coupled with our understanding of client needs, and the practical application of best practices, we are able to successfully serve our clients. In fact, our efforts result in a quality service that not only meets but exceeds our client’s expectations.

Our mission is to assist technology and commerce companies to achieve maximum product value, and bring their products to market in an efficient way that accelerates their global economic success. We view each client as a long-term relationship and will deploy all the necessary resources to ensure that this relationship is mutually beneficial.



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