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September 25, 2020

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Proposed Executive MBA program

  1. Partner with University in U.S. offering Executive MBA program in Taiwan and China.
  2. A degree program and not a certificate program. The degree will be issued by U.S. University.
  3. Ideal length of study should be 12 to 14 months. Weekends only for the working professionals and not every weekend.
  4. Ideal language: Mandarin Chinese. Two to four courses with US professors (with translations) are agreeable.
  5. Ideal tuition per students would be from USD$10000 ~ $14000.
  6. Proposed program starts at spring, 2003.
  7. Estimated enrollment will be 100 students a year.


Why partner with us:
Executive MBA program has been highly demanded by busy professional executives in Taiwan and China. Many State universities are offering the entire program in Taiwan now, for example: San Diego State University, CUNY, Baruch, University of Texas at Arlington, , University of Akron, Ohio, Murray State, KY; Ketc. not to mention universities from Canada and Australia. This is a great timing now and we are looking for State universities in U.S. who would like to work with us.


Partner University responsibilities:
1. Select and approve professors and instructors
2. Identify courses and curricula
3. Provide administration requirements
4. Provide students' ID and access to campus resources
5. Create and maintain student records
6. Provide official MBA degree and transcript

For more information, call 408-402-0648, or send e-mail to





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