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September 25, 2020

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Proposed MPA Program in China

The purpose of this program is to provide a Master degree program for qualified high-level government executives who are seeking advancements in their professional field.

The MPA Program:

  1. The MPA program related to public administration.
  2. Language of instruction is preferred to be in Chinese. However, if English instruction is necessary, oral translation must be included as well.
  3. Instructors. All instructors have to be pre-qualified by the partner university before program / class starts. Instructors should teach within the scope of class definition / description and s/he shall have the freedom to select text book(s), designing curriculum and specify grading policy.
  4. Residencies. Since learners are from all over china, they can come and stay in the school dorm for up to three weeks for lectures and discussions. These three weeks are considered as one residency period, and for the whole program, it is comprised of four residency periods with three to four months in between.
  5. Candidates. All learners are alumni of this China University. Due to the price range of this program, they have been selected from among over fifty thousand alumni according to the size of their department/offices.
  6. An estimated of 300-500 students will be enrolled in this program.
  7. U.S. trip. At the end of the program, they would like to come to the States for about three weeks for attending the graduation ceremony; visiting the related government departments and sight seeing & shopping. This is a major incentive for students since this is budget into the whole training plan.

Why partner with us:
This is an excellent reputation and public relationship building opportunity for US University to build a solid relationship with the Chinese government. The students (government officials) of the program will have great influence in government police making and operation management.

Time Table:
Beijing partner will submit a final proposal of partner university by early November. All the details of operation and administration will be finalized before end of this year (2002).

For more information, call 408-402-0648, or send e-mail to




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