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March 28, 2020


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Business Development
Bridging the success between Western and Eastern technologies and


Our Services:

Marketing Research: RYR2 offers comprehensive market research and business consulting for the Great China markets (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan). The services target specific to multinational companies that plan to enter the Chinese market. The team of RYR2 consultants will base on clients' needs and tailor design you research, compile data, data analysis, and provide recommendation.

Marketing Communications: Plan marketing campaign, media allocation, advertising design, copy writing, brochure/flyer design, printing and distribution, trade show organization.

Public Relations: Build relationships with press, provide press release articles, generate publicity, host seminar/conference to help clients to build imaging and awareness.

Internet Marketing: Provide website design, localization site (Chinese/English), web hosting services

Business Network: Connect you to your industrial leading companies and help make business trip arrangement. Arrange your business trip to China and/or US--from making business connections, booking ticket/ hotels, and arranging meetings with your potential clients and suppliers. On-site consulting or translation can be arranged also.

Business Consultation: Research competitive intelligence, identify business opportunities, set-up business communication channel, manage the business process, including proposals, contracts, financial transactions, ongoing communications and business development

Business Mandarin one-on-one or group training for Business Executives: If you are doing business with the Great China and want to increase you personal and company's competitive advantage. You come to the right place. RYR2 provides other translation services including Chinese copywriting, editing and proofreading services. Need more information contact:

Business English communications for Chinese Executives: RYR2 currently works with the official site Test of English for International of Communication to become an affiliate and test site for the TOEIC Test.

The TOEIC Test assesses English language ability in
a workplace or business context. The TOEIC tests have become the unparalleled standard for English language proficiency in the global workplace. The TOEIC is your passport for the global business leaders. Interest in learning more contact

Competitive rate for value added services

RYR2 offers the most competitive rates without reducing the quality of our services. However, cost of each project/service can vary according to the project, length, deadline requirements, language use, and level of difficulty. Why not send us a sample of the work and obtain a free, no obligation quote? Needs more information contact:




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