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September 25, 2020

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The Opportunity
Bridging the success between Western and Eastern technologies and

The Opportunity:

An increasing - and an increasingly prosperous - population has come to demand better quality healthcare products, so that over the past 15 years the pharmaceutical sector has witnessed an average year-on-year growth rate of 18 percent. The problem for China is that it takes both time and money to develop the necessary developmental competencies. However, the government is displaying a firm commitment to investment within this sector and has made available a range of tax incentives and market consents to companies capable of introducing new technology-based products into the Chinese market. And leading members of Western 'Big Pharma' have not been slow in seizing the opportunity to occupy some of the available space. This is, then, a spectacularly fast growing area, but there are some significant constraints on the indigenous pharmaceutical industry. Success in China's complex and rapidly evolving business environment requires familiarity with Chinese business protocols as well as strong ties with Chinese regulatory authorities and business communities.

10 Things You Must Know To Expand Your Chinese Business Relationship

  • How Will China's Domestic Pharmaceutical Players Compete After WTO Accession?
  • Where are the opportunities for foreign investments & Joint
  • Ventures in China's healthcare sector?
  • How will branding expand your OTC market share?
  • What opportunities are there for the pharmaceutical manufacturer?
  • Is health insurance the answer to China's healthcare cost containment effort?
  • How can clinical trials increase product sales?
  • Will you save cost with e-healthcare in China?
  • What must you know about sales purchase contracts in dispute settlement?
  • When to utilize emerging marketing tools like DTC & CRM?
  • Which therapeutic areas have urgent needs and their potential?




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