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September 25, 2020

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2004 China Meets North America
High Tech Expo

Executive Summary

Since China’s entry into the World Trade Organization, the door of globalization is officially opened. China’s vast availability of natural resources and enormous market potential is appealing to many aspired business people in the Silicon Valley and the rest of the world. At the same time, Chinese business organizations are hungry for the invaluable talents and experiences in human resources that have been uniquely developed in the matured and sophisticated business environment in the Valley. The collaboration of the two markets will create unlimited opportunities in mutual ways.

With the enormous success of the"2002 China Meets Silicon Valley High-Tech Expo," North America Chinese Semiconductor Association (NACSA), Silicon Valley International Business Exchange (SIBEus) and Pacific Rim Crossings Consulting (PRC), are once again jointly organizing, the "2003 China Meets North America High-Tech Expo."from November 14th to 16th in Santa Clara, California.

"2002 China Meets Silicon Valley High-Tech Expo," was the first large international event that encompassed the complete business aspects in high-technology investment, ranging from entrepreneurships, business development, technology development and collaboration. More than 20 prestigious government and enterprise groups from China participated in the event; they had brought hundreds of technology investment projects/opportunities to seek business collaboration and exchanges in the Silicon Valley. This year, the Expo committee has been requested by China High-tech districts and many US enterprises to expand our services not only in West (Silicon Valley) but also East (Washington D. C.) of United States. The Expo committee has received overwhelmingly positive responses and at least double of the China high-tech organizations have signed up to become our exhibitors and participants in the Expo. In addition, this year,

It is our ultimate goal to provide a multi-functional forum for information and knowledge exchanges, and to provide an efficient and cost-effective channel for companies with an international interest to build necessary business relationships. Also, this multi-dimensional Expo designed to open up many exciting opportunities for trading.




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