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January 25, 2020

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2003 China Meets North America
High Tech Expo

About the Expo

We take pride in our commission in organizing the 2003 China Meets North America High-Tech Expo. There are a few key differentiators to distinguish us:

1. The true global event:
The Expo encompasses the complete business aspects in high-technology investment, ranging from entrepreneurships, business development, technology development, collaboration, talents recruitments. The participants include delegations from Chinese investment zones of different regions, technology parks and universities as well as many U.S. firms seeking for partnerships with Chinese companies.

2. The Expo is high impact:
It is a supported by participation from key officials from both the Chinese and US governments, international media, best-of-breed technologists and business executives.

3. Multi-dimensional forum to fit various business needs of participants:
The main exhibition hall serves the purposes of product displays and information exchanges. In addition, the Expo provides conference rooms for more in-depth discussions, presentations, and seminar. The Expo will also provide customized services, including company visits, COMDEX registration, and individual meeting arrangements.

4. Expand services to two locations:
Santa Clara, California (November 14-16) and Washington D. C. (November 21-23)

5. Bridging the success between U.S. and the Greater China technologies and commerce:
It is our goal to serve both U.S. and the Greater China companies and provide achievable results. We would like to build the “bridge” between the two markets and allow them to reap the rewards in the most efficient and cost effective ways. Our service will continue after the Expo to ensure success in each and every one of the companies.




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